August 2018

  1. First Week One Day Workshop on B.Sc.Syllabus to be organized by Department of Electronics.
  2. Second Week Student Council Election
  3. First & Second Week First Unit Test
  4. Wednesday15th Independence Day
  5. Third Week Expert’s talk on Health Issues to be organized by Department of Home Economics.
  6. Wednesday 17th Parsi New Year Third Week One day Workshop on Competitive Examination Saturday
  7. 20th Communal Harmony Day
  8. 28/08/2018 Last Date of Admission (First Term Odd Sem)*
  9. i)16/08/18 from admission up to 06/08/18 
  10. ii)07/09/18 from admission upto 27/08/18
  11. iii)For Centralized admission last date of enrollment shall be 15 days from the last date of admissions, as notified by competent authority.
  12. Last Week Screening of the drama “Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare for B.A.Vth Sem Student
  13. Entire Month Co-curricular Activities by various departments

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