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Bridge Course

                      Most of the Students admitted in first year are from rural area and some of them are  not so advance in some subject due to lack of facility. Some students are unknown to  new subject as they do not have previous background. To boost up their academic  skill and confidence of such students in learning process, all the departments of the  college conduct the bridge course for first year students before the commencement  of regular classes every year. The purpose of bridge course conduction not only to  bridge the gap between subjects studied previously and the subject would be  studying in first year but also clear and revise the fundamental concept of topic  whether it is belong to the previous course or new course. Bridge Course conducted  for all course but those students who seek the admission in first year having subject  Electronics, Computer Science, Microbiology, Accountancy, Economics, Home Economics   need more of bridge course as they did not have previous background.

                        It is seen that, bridge course is beneficial for both students and faculties. As in teaching learning process, student can easily grasp the advance topic in regular classes and it is convenient to faculty to teach the advance topic.


Methodology to Implement Bridge Course

                Staff meeting is arranged by principal at the starting of the session. He awares the various academic activities to be conducted in the session to the staff. Bridge course is one of them to be conducted at the starting of session.

               As tentative time table is declared in the beginning of session, HOD of each  department arranged the meeting with their faculty members and determines the  strategy of bridge course implementation.

  • Bridge course are conducted normally in the month of June and July. Generally  15 classes are assigned for bridge course. Faculty may extend the classes as per  requirements.
  • In time table, classes of bridge courses are to be conducted after 10.00 am.
  • HOD of each department distributes the workload among their faculty  members.
  • During the bridge course, each faculty identifies the strength, weakness, learning level and area of interest of students.
  • Faculty revises the fundamental concepts of all key subjects taught at under-graduation.
  • Bridge course are also conducted for those students who take late admission  by conducting the extra class and students who completed the bridge classes  are also allowed to this class.