earn & learn scheme
earn & learn scheme
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Earn And Learn Scheme


  • Make students job oriented and financially independent.
  • Prevent distraction of the poor students form main stream of education due to poverty.
  • Develop a work culture among the students with the right attitude.
  • Enable needy students to earn every month to meet their expenses.
  • Provide experience to the students and thereby making them competent for taking job in the future.

Institution is situated in rural part of eastern Maharashtra. Every year  about 5,500 students enrolled for various courses in this institution. Most of the students are from socio-economically weaker section of the society. They do not have enough finance to complete their needs . Hence such student needs some special assistance to meet their expenses. Needy student having special skill like computer knowledge, DTP Work,  Data Entry, Accounting, Photography, Laboratory work,  get benefitted through ‘EARN AND LEARN SCHEME’.

In this institution, Earn while Learn Scheme was started form 2007-08. College circulates notice about the scheme and invite student to apply for this scheme in the month of July in every academic year. Committee members search job-vacancies in the various department of the institution as well as in local area. Required number of students are to be selected through scrutiny by committee. Students are trained as per job requirement. College also provideoutdoor DTP and data entry work to the students. Generally the maximum number of hours the students required to work in the Department / Institution is 3 hours per day.

Nature of work

  • In the laboratory, students are engaged in preparation of solutions, handling, maintaining and storage of equipment’s, upgradation of departmental data.
  • In library, they are trained in the activities like repair damage books, display of books, issue and returns of books, data entry.
  • In the office section, students are engaged in photocopy, data upgradation, compilation and analysis of data etc.  



Students get Rs. 30/- per hour for this job.  They work maximum 3 to 5 hours a day as per their convenience and remuneration paid monthly.