Student Council

College has established the student council to develop the good governance skill in students. Every year elections are organized to elect the student representative. Due to this activity, students are engaged  in a structured partnership with teachers, parents and management for smooth and transparent  conduction of college work. Also the students have an experience in the skills of democratic representation and participation.  It also helps to improve academic standards and reduce dropout rate in college.

As per the Maharashtra Universities Act, (M.U.A.) 2016 under section 08, Students’ Council is to be established every year during the first term.


The Aim of Students Council

  1. To improve academics, co-curricular, cultural and extracurricular activities.
  2. To motivate the students for team work.
  3. To acquire leadership qualities.
  4. To learn event managements.
  5. To interact with college management to resolve the difficulties of the students in day to day activities.
  6. To aware the democracy.


The Activities of Student Council

  1. To organize state, national or university level events in each year to motivate students to participate events.
  2. To organize the college level event annual college day program each year which includes cultural and sports events.
  3. Celebration of Nationally important days like Independence day, Republic day etc., to develop the feeling and sense of nationalism.
  4. To celebrate Teacher day , National Science Day and Birth Anniversary of Nobel Person.
  5. To organize blood donation camp, tree plantation, voter‘s awareness, cleanliness Drive programs in association with institute level association/professional bodies, etc.
  6. To organize above events, funds are given by institute.