Mentor and Mentee Scheme

                       Mentor and mentees is one of the student centric practices to in college. This practice is implemented according to UGC norms. Students in competitive era are struggling against educational fear. Everyone try to win and become a winner. Due to more desire and directionless  efforts, students cannot achieve expected target. Institute here tries to provide fearless and fruitful
environment for education and bridge the gap between students and teachers.

                      Social, educational, pleasant and mind stress free environment have been provided to students. Through Mentor and Mentees interaction and ethical relation with one another, health educational atmosphere is improved and mental, physical strength of students have increased. Mentors with the allotted mentees have healthy talk and ethical relation. Mentees have disclosed  their personal problems to mentor regarding mental stress or mentor observed mental stress issues of mentees. Once the mentees have observed and selected those who are under stress and cannot take education properly. Mentors have started guiding and approaching such mentees in class to make them relax from tension by counseling as well as extra attention upon them.

                    Institute has three faculties Arts, Commerce and Science in UG level, Mentor and mentees  are allotted faculty-wise and class–wise in the academic year. All the full time teachers are mentors  of their classes.

                    Mentors have selected through observation of mental status of mentees. Mentors have categorized mentees on the basis of social, educational/examination, economical, mental/confidence, physical and any other problems which may become hurdle in educational progress. Introducing this practice smoothly meeting of concern committee have been organized time to time under the presided of The Principal Dr. N. S. Kokode and guided by Dr. D. H. Gahane, Vice- Principal. The practice is also supported and guided by Dr. M A Sheikh  IQAC Coordinator.