Core Values

Expansion of higher education, changed face of education and its delivery due to the every changing technology, globalization and increased private participation have brought about marked changes in Indian higher education system as well.  To cope up with these challenges and adapt to changes, N. H. College has devised and outlined the following core values, following guidelines, in this regard, laid by NAAC, Banglore to sustain quality in the institution.


The assessment framework of the college is thus based on the following five core values.

 1.Contributing to National Growth

To provide conducive atmosphere to the remarkably capable and qualified teachers recruited on merit basis, to adapt to the new changes by deputing them for professional development programmes to cater to economic, social and academic needs of the immediate locality and thereby as a whole to the national needs.

 2.Infusing Global Skills among Students

To equip students with employable and entrepreneur skills and ensuring global competencies among students by launching certificate courses and value added courses in the college; by organizing guest lectures and trainings through collaborative agreement; by engaging students in open online courses and digital pedagogy.

3.Ingraining Values among Students

To offer students a host of programmes and activities infusing core universal values of truth, righteousness, unity, integrity, peace and fraternity impartially and inclusively taking into consideration of the pluralistic and diverse nature of the inflow of the students.

4.Using and upgrading the Technology

Encourage the use of latest e gadgets and technological innovations for teaching, learning and governance by ensuring the purchase of such tools and technologies and their proper utilization, maintenance and sustenance.  Also engaging teachers learn new methodologies through participation in faculty development programmes; registration for online courses; and enrichment of syllabi with OERs and virtual labs etc.  Automation of the campus and office is one the priority list.  Up-gradation and reinforcement of management information system for data management, resource sharing and internal mechanism.

5.Pursuance for Excellence

To follow consistency in excellence and start self-assessment by adopting and adapting new technologies; devising policies and plans of managing human resources; utilizing physical facilities optimally, all through the suggestions and functionalities of IQAC & steering committee of seven criteria, well in advance, under the guidance of the Principal, in a conducive environment based on mutual trust and respect for one another’s ideas.  Focus on creating excellent, self-reliant, employable, righteous and responsible students contributing to nation building.