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Department of Home Economics

Home Economics subject is practical based knowledge regarding daily life skills useful to any individual of the society to live happy and satisfied life. Hence the practical’s are introduced in syllabus of any level of education.  In Higher education Researches verify the principals of life skills and update the knowledge or data. So our department has physical facilities of laboratories in various filled. Such as Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Textile clothing and Fashion designing, Resource Management and Human Development, Housing and Interior Decoration, Extension, Consumer Economics and Research Methodology.


The department was started on 1 August 1985 as Nagpur University has sanction the subject as new academic curriculum specially for Girls students of graduation. The 1st year of the department was with 27 students in 2 batches and one room accommodation. As per strength of students was increasing so department was newly formed with three rooms of which 2 laboratories wear established fully latest instruments technology machines that is white interaction board, document camera and projector with screen, Internet facilities, Scanner, Refrigerator and Furniture. Thus fully equipped two laboratories wear developed with supporting department libraries with books of 58 of English and 138 of Marathi, Journals and periodicals.    

The department introduced P.G. Level course in the subject that is M.A. in Home Economics from academic year 2000 – 01 with admission 27 students in 2 batches. and  UGC Certificate course Fashion Designing in 2010 – 11 for 1 batch of 32 student.

Information About  Recent  Laboratory

Department of Home Economics is confined with well equipped laboratories. The laboratories encompasses up-to-date instrument & apparatus. Some high tech significant instruments are six Computer with Internet & Color Printer, D.P.L. projector & document camera, Fashion makers, Washing machine, Dish washer, Microwave, Cooking range, Video handicam, Water purifier and Dispenser.

  • Types Of  Laboratories

  1. Textile Lab. for U.G. and P.G. 6 X 9 meter = 54 sq. meter
  2. Nutrition Lab. for U.G. and P.G. 6 X 9 meter = 54 sq. meter
  3. G. Lab. For P.G. Research, Resource Management, Human Development, Consumer Economics, Extension Education and Housing etc. 6 X 9 meter = 54 sq. meter

       Total area of laboratories 162 M2.


Shifting Of  Department

The department was established in main building of the college but the policy of faculty/streetwise building infrastructure hence humanities department shifted in new building of Art and Commerce stream so new department was setup agene in new building with all above laboratories facility.     

Thus the Home Economics department fulfilled and acomoded with all updated facilities for Nutrition, Textile, Research such as intenate computers and others.

Meet Our Qualified Staff


Name : Sonali Deorao Pardhi
Designation : Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Qualification :M.A., M.Ed., NET (Home Sci.)
Specialization : Human Development
Contact No. : 9423620492
E-Mail ID :


Name : Dr. Rekha N. Jibhkate
Designation : Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)
Qualification :M.A., M.Phil.(H.Eco.), Ph.D. (Edu.)
Specialization : Home Management
Contact No. : 9923083237
E-Mail ID :