Remedial Classes

 In the College Remedial classes are conducted for slow learner. In the regular classes, student fail to understand the subject, such students are admitted to a remedial classes. it focuses on basic concepts, develop better study habits (i.e. preparing notes, etc.) and to develop confidence in the students for respective subject. Remedial classe helps to close the gap between what a student knows and what he is expected to know.

 In our college, students are coming from different family backgrounds with different  living standards. There are some students with high learning ability who can grasp quite fast and learn better but there are other students who needs frequent guidance and support. To  make pace with the fast learner, college has conducted remedial classes on regular basis for slow learner.

Apart from remedial and regular classes, teacher arranged extra classes on request of  either students (slow learner or fast learner) or mentor.


  • To boost up the confidence of slow learner students and to realize their weakness.
  • To enhance the skills in respect of learning process.
  • To remove the scare about study.
  • To make the equal level of slow learner and advance learner.
  • To motivate for an innovative and creative mindset.
  • To organize the workshop/seminar/guidance program for slow learner.
  • Help to understand paper pattern, question pattern, etc.


Strategies Of Weak Students Identification

Following key points are considered to identify the slow learner and fast learner.

  •  By asking the oral question in the class room.
  •  Mark obtained in the class unit test.
  •  To check their home assignment.
  • As per previous university/Board result.


Remedies For Slow Learner

  •  Separate classes are conducted for them and fast learner students are also welcome in  this class.
  •  Personally help to students for difficult topic.
  •  Easy class test are conducted to motivate the slow learner.
  •  Some topics are explained with practical so that it make easy to understand.
  •  Some topic start from basic concept.
  •  Teacher give hint related to topic to remember.


Provision For Fast Learner

Advanced learners are identified on the basis of their performance in the class as well  as class tests. Institute encourages advanced learners by –

  • Organizing experts’ lectures so that such students can get advanced knowledge.
  • Encouraging the students to participate in value added courses, content beyond syllabi  programs.
  • Special guidance is provided for additional skill developments.
  • Motivate the students to take part in college seminar, university level exhibition, Research festival etc.
  •  Departmental website is created where useful link is made available for knowledge  advancement.
  • Surprise test are conducted.


Methodology to Implement the Remedial Class

 Teachers identify the slow learner in regular classes and make the list of them.

Each department declare notice and time table for remedial classes after covering the  80% of syllabus in regular class with permission of principal.

Generally 15 remedial classes are assigned but teacher may extend the classes as per  requirements.

During the classes, teacher observed the students’ progress by performing following  activity:

  • Asking oral question in class.
  • To Conduct the test exam in the class.
  • By giving assignment.
  • Arranging seminars, if necessary.