Library Book Bank Scheme

Library has run the Book-Bank Scheme for the complete session. As there are many students who can not afford to purchase books, this scheme has proved to be a boon for such students. Faculty wise committee constituted for distributing books among the students. The name of the teachers appointed under book bank scheme is listed as follow :-    

 Science Faculty

  • Prof. Dr. A.J. Mungole   Chairman
  • Prof. A.N. Yerpude         Member
  • Prof. K.S. Naktode         Member
  • Prof. R.D. Wakodikar    Member  

Commerce Faculty

  • Prof. Dr.T.K. Gedam      Chairman
  • Prof. A.V. Khajgiwale     Member
  • Prof. Akash Meshram    Member
  • Prof. V.V. Nagbhidkar    Member



Arts Faculty

  •  Prof. Dr. M.R. Kapgate   Chairman
  •  Prof. B.G. Damkondwar  Member
  •  Prof. M.A. Pathade          Member
  •  Prof. P.P. Watti                 Member    

Junior College Faculty

  • Prof. D. J. Sidam             Chairman
  • Prof. Anand M. Bhoyar  Member
  • Prof. Rahul Mohurle       Member
  • Prof. Bawankule              Member  

The Committee invites the applications from the students along with the copy of their mark sheets of the last examination and list of required book. The committee sanctions the books as per availability and demands. The Library Staff distributes the sanctioned books to the students.